Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching up: Norwich on Tuesday

On Tuesday, I had a handful of change and pulled it out to see if it was worth taking with us on our outing. By the count and weight of it, it probably would have been about $1.80 in American.

I examined it. There's a Welsh pound coin, with Welsh words around the edge. There's a new 2p coin since I was here last, all offset like the Jefferson nickel that only shows half his face. But anyway, this was nearly £10. I forget.

We went to Norwich to see the Harry Potter movie and we ended up not doing much more than that, but that was fine. Just passing through places is exotic enough for me sometimes. In the theatre two teenaged girls were in front of us and one of the pre-movie ads was for a website with things to do in the UK, and One of the girls in front of me said, "Enjoy England!? Who would want to enjoy England?"

I didn't argue with her, but when they started talking too much and too loudly two-thirds of the way through the movie, I did kick her chair a couple of times in a polite way. She hushed. She was kinda keeping me from enjoying England there for a bit.

In the front of the theatre, which is up at the top of the Castle Mall in Norwich, there are bean bag chairs with snack trays:

The mall is huge. The only mall I've seen that was bigger, I think, was The Mall of America, near Minneapolis.

And there is my exotic potato filled with chicken tikka, which is also one of the options at Subway at that mall (same sandwich shop chain, slightly different menu). Or my potato filled with exotic chicken tikka...

And then later Linnaea and I walked up to the playground, which is documented below, somewhere.

Now I need to write up the day after that, because the day after this we travel to London. We're going to the Museum of Childhood tomorrow/Friday. I know... Learn Nothing Day is a bust for me this year, but my birthday should be pretty good!

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Steve Muhlberger said...

I did archaeology in Norwich in 72 and cannot imagine the place with a monster mall. Did they level the whole medieval town? Must consult Google Earth.