Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diss, trainride, catch-up

It's July 30, the sun is shining and I'm cold. Possibly it's because I'm getting old. Maybe it's because I'm not used to my hair not drying in fifteen minutes as it does in New Mexico. Should I buy a shawl? Am I that old? :-)

Yesterday Schuyler, Linnaea and I went to Diss. Why a town around here has a one-syllable name like "Diss" is a mystery. Well, there's "York" (not around here exactly). I will look it up for you (and for me, too). " The town may take its name from the Saxon term for lake, or from an old Viking word meaning 'village of the dancing horse'." Okiedokie then! Someday if I run out of things to think about I'll wonder why there's a one syllable Norse word for "village of the dancing horse," but not today.

One of these panarama photos glitched interestingly. I think it cut Linnaea out because it couldn't make her face right, maybe. They're made with three photos that the camera builds into one. The first one was only two photos, and the third, intentionally three with Linnaea, is ghostly there in the middle.

This is a nice building for the Carphone Warehouse, I thought. I've left both photos because one shows the top and the other shows the neighboring shop, partly.

Diss has a lake, beautiful streets and buildings, and half a dozen charity shops, it seemed. I think we went into four, maybe five.

Later, David made Yorkshire pudding with sausages in it for dinner last night and I wish I had taken a picture. It was beautiful and tasted WONDERFUL. David Waynforth is a great cook. I'll put that here in case anyone's ever googling for David Waynforth. Great cook. Nice man. Good driver. Generous guy. They'll find the other things about him at other links.

Because of the train strike today and tomorrow, I came to Bishops Stortford Wednesday night instead of Thursday, but I'm glad there was a train after dinnertime so I didn't miss the Yorkshire pudding.

Here's a little of the train ride. This was around 8:30 pm I think. It doesn't get dark very early. It was dark by 9:30, though. I didn't notice when it happened.

I'm adding this a few days late. I had meant to upload it and forgot.

Carolyn's home. We're out not to explore and eat. Coming soon: Stuff I Saw in Bishops Stortford


zamozo said...

Sandra, Where you're at in England looks a lot like Iowa. Not the villages but the countryside. We're having English-like weather this summer, I think. Cool and moist. Very different than our usual hot and humid!

Deanne said...

What are all the colorful things in the picture of the pews of the church? Missals?

Sandra Dodd said...

Needlepointed kneeling cushions. They're usually down on the kneeling rail, but for some reason they were all up there. Maybe they had been vacuuming or mopping, or cleaning the kneeling rails or something, In some churches they're all the same colored background (a darkish blue, it seems, often), and follow a pattern, or there will be lots with the same design.

There must be a standard pattern and foam cushion easily available because they're always the same size.

This church had all kinds of designs. So did the Bishops Stortford church we saw this afternoon. Photos later!