Wednesday, July 22, 2009

silent movie, MacBook as periscope

All that writing, and when it was finally assembled, the sound works.

Somehow I turned the microphone off, but the pictures still show. I was showing the back garden at Schuyler's, and the artichokes and the tunnel under the hedge. So when you see a hole of light, that was at ground level, for cats and kids, into the field behind.

Then I walked between hedges to the other side of the house. When I thought I had turned it off, I hadn't. Kind of a mess, but a pretty mess. Once in there I said I had hoped you could hear birds, but as you couldn't even hear me, there was no chance of birds.

And when I lifted it up over my head to show you the wheat fields I couldn't see from where I was, I realized that MacBooks should not be periscopes, and that it was a reckless thing to do with the only current version of my book. It wouldn't have fallen far, nor hard, but we might have needed gloves and tools to get it out of the hedge. These hedges are nothing like those wimpy little planted hedges two or three feet wide in the U.S. They're six feet wide and tangly and many-treed and tall.There was one yesterday that was within a couple of feet of the power lines. I don't know whether they plan to cut a power-line notch or to trim the whole thing off before it gets there. If a hedge goes up to heaven, I wonder if God will further confuse the languages of the U.K. so that they may not understand one another even as well as they do now.

I was just reading this morning of milestones that are covered over and lost in hedges, and if anyone finds one, where they should report it so it can be reclaimed and photographed. Ditto my computer. Leave a note here if you find it in a hedge, please.

Ah... a brief aborted version, with sound, but without under and over the hedge effects.


Lynch Family said...

I am LOVING these "reports from afar." Enjoy your time! (Grocery stores are my favorite part of traveling--long live Tesco!)

hahamommy said...

Thank you for this play-by-play of your visit! I love, love, love having that family in my town, I imagine it's 100 fold fun in *their* town ;) Nice to see you today, your anniversary of not-being-born-yet ;)

Christa said...

What a beautiful place. Looks like it's from a storybook. Thanks for showing it here.