Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a mild-mannered Dutch online store... or is it?

It's not.

HEMA! Look, it has your name.

Other, just look. Don't get your hopes up about the store, but watch what happens.


Sandy Feet said...

That's cool!

hahamommy said...

I love companies that earn your business with their advertising dollars :D Makes me wanna buy another tea pot, just to support their artists!
Hayden discovered, I want one of their rings <3

Ty-Anna said...

didn't see that coming, love it! spreading this around :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

Robin Bentley sent it to me. Isn't it fun?

Eva Witsel said...

Hahaha, that's funny! That's almost every Dutch parent's favorite shop :)
Lots of nice cheap children's clothes and a paradise for unschooling parents, with magnifying classes, crafts stuff, beads etc.
And not only their website has loads of nice designs, but their products too!