Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movies without plots

From Scientific American, June 1909 (in the "100 years ago" section of a recent issue):
Moving pictures are exhibited in about ten thousand theaters and halls in the United States. With the rapid s[read of this new amusement has also come a marked change in the public taste. Spectators were once quite content with a view of factory employees going to and from their work, the arrival and departure of railway trains, and similar scenes. Nowadays, a more or less coherent story must be unfolded, for which reason the makers of moving pictures have been compelled to write plays 9or at least to conceive them) and to have them acted before the camera.
I have three comments, some more related that others.

Below is a movie without a plot.
The arrival and departure of railway trains is being hampered in the part of the world for the next two days because of a strike. I have tickets for those very two days. So I'm leaving for Bishops Stortford tonight, which was unplanned, and my journey to Wales is not quite as set as it was.

And it's Kirby's birthday, so I have been a mother for twenty-three years.

This car was in London. It kept changing color as I was walking by, from a goldish metallic yellow to green and blue and purple. The movie won't really show it. But it definitely doesn't have a plot.

If anyone knows I would be curious: What color would be on the automobile registration forms? It's a Cooper.


BunnyKissd said...

Those are color shifting paints, made by several companies, and usually only found on custom painted cars; so the owner could probably know the exact name of the paint and put that down. ^-^ The movie showed it well!

Robin B. said...

One of the terms for it is "flip paint" or "chameleon paint." Here's a company in the UK that does custom work.

On their "Mysticool FX" page, they list all the paint colors in one product ie. purple/silver/green/blue. Maybe you'd have to list it that way on the registration form!

Wish Kirby a Happy Birthday for us!!

Shannon burton said...

Please wish Kirby a happy 23rd, from a birthday-mate (Did he know Van Gogh died on the 29th? Not a happy connection, but still my favorite!)

I've been a daughter for 40 years. =)

Sandra Dodd said...

If those are the only choices, maybe it was "Phantasy - Copper Red/Forest Green." But I think it had a very yellow and some blue too.